Passionate about Organic Farming and a hands-on approach to learning?

We are a group of young farmers who offer knowledge on organic growing and are ready to learn as well. We are located in the Finger Lakes region - in Caywood, NY (Lodi, NY area) on 40 acres of gorgeous lakeside property. We grow a main crop of garlic and diverse vegetables and fruits and nuts on about 5 acres. We sell to 3 farmers' markets, a couple restaurants, and a small CSA. In a wine growing region, we are nearby many wineries and seasonal restaurants. We are 25 miles north of the active and fun small city of Ithaca, NY and will be going into town weekly, where you will have an opportunity to sell our goods at the world renowned Ithaca farmers market. This year the farm will be expanding on its value-added product work.

We are looking for peaceful friendly applicants with a serious passion for, and desire to learn about organic farming. We work roughly 8 hours a day- working with the weather, whenever possible. We weed in the morning when the ground is moist and the sun is low. We plant when rain is on the way. We harvest the day before market for freshness.

Rustic accommodations are provided for volunteers, who may choose to sleep in our barn, or to set up a tent in the privacy of our gorgeous 40 acres. Meals are mostly vegetarian produce from our gardens or from the local market. We take turns cooking and encourage volunteers to explore new foods and expand/share their knowledge of food preparation as well as food production.

We *may* be able to accommodate short-term stays (2-4 weeks) but prefer volunteers stay longer (3+months) to gain perspective and insight into growing food and working with nature, as well as enjoying the full offering of the harvest through July, August, September, and October/november. The transition from warm late-summer to crisp and colorful autumn bring food in joyous abundance, our meals become exceptional, and life is most exciting on the farm as we fill our storages full of root crops for the winter ahead.

We are a fun group that enjoys Seneca Lake swimming, music making, yoga, art, etc. For a fun, challenging, and rewarding season, contact us at: