about our Farm

We are a family farm in the finger lakes of beautiful western New York that believe in diversity as the progression towards our higher evolution and higher love. Living in remote parts of the world has helped form our perspective on the oneness of creation while honoring the indigenous and black cultures that have shaped and continue to shape our relationship with the world as an idea and the land as a privilege. With care for the earth, we grow outstanding garlic and vegetables for the local community and beyond. Our farm is always evolving; we are currently working on creating tasty farm-fresh products from our vegetables, as well as producing the finest hardneck seed garlic upstate New York has to offer. We are now offering tours by appointment, and are hosting wedding parties or other events on our gorgeous lakeview barn deck and surrounding sacred grounds. We look forward to meeting you when you are in the area.

our Commitment to the Earth

2021 update: Six Circles Farm is NO longer CNG! However, we feeL they are a great organization and highly recommend them, we wish them continued luck and support but feel we have moved on from this relationship. Unfortunatey, we became too busy with family and work to truly give back to the CNG organization and we  wish we had more time to give as originally intended. We develop relationships and community connections that have withstood the test of time, trust, and faith that we farm with the diligence beyond organic standards. We are ecologically minded with interconnection at the heart of our community farm. Our words are that we have a commitment to enhance the fertility, diversity, and overall health of our lands. We build healthy soils naturally by using cover crops and regularly amending our soils with compost and organic matter. We do not use synthetic or petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We fertilize with composted organic matter, we use mulches whenever able, and we do much of the work by hand.

Farmers Markets

We sell our fresh produce locally at farmers markets in Ithaca and Trumansburg, as well as providing weekly fresh produce to members of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Online, we sell our best varieties of hardneck garlic bulbs for eating, bulk garlic seed for planting, a wonderful garlic scape pesto "Rosie's Scape-a-moli", beautiful garlic braids, and garlic gift baskets for that true garlic enthusiast you know.

Our Grandmother Rosie

Rosie is our grandmother, whose love for garlic, people, and all life is legendary. She is the inspiration for our love of garlic, and a testament to some of its health benefits. She lived to a ripe age of 95, rest her beautiful soul. We believe garlic is something that can enhance anyone's health and connection to their food and land. Think about growing your own this year, it's fun and easy.

When growing up in Brooklyn from Romanian parents, Rosie recalls that it was common for immigrants to bring garlic seed with them to plant in the new world. "We ate garlic and onions with every meal" says Rosie, "it was tradition". Her mother made a roasted garlic chicken that was out of this world, she slow roasted so that nearly all the garlic turned black; black garlic today is a rare slow roasted delicacy. Today, grocery store shelves are saturated with low-quality imported garlic which does not have the same flavorful, juicy, aromatic, and medicinal qualities as the traditional hardneck heirloom varieties you will find at a local farmer's market.

about Scape-a-moli

Scape-a-Moli is a garlic scape pesto with so much more, made from the garlic flower stems and  cold-pressed sunflower oil, our pesto is a unique treat made free of preservatives. Our customers have referred to Rosie's Scape-a-moli as similar to a garlic hummus, garlic guacamole, garlic mustard, garlic spread, garlic sauce and a great garlic dip. It's so unique depending on which flavor you try that there are many different garlic opinions!

Garlic Seeds & Scapes

Garlic Seeds are produced from the flower stalk known as the "Scape", these garlic seeds are little and can be propagated to larger cloves in a few years. Our grandmother enjoys roasted garlic seeds right out of the toaster oven or raw in a garlic salad dressing.

Music makes great roasted garlic because it has large cloves unlike rocambole garlic which cloves are smaller. Cold-Hardy Garlic grows wherever there is a winter. Garlic sprouts right out of the ground in the beginning of March.