Six Circles Farm

In the winter, we offer our highest-quality eating garlic by the pound and a variety of garlic scape pestos, available online here!

In the summer, we proudly sell fresh certified naturally grown vegetables, herbs, and berries at the following farmer's markets:


****IMPORTANT update for garlic growers!! The allium leaf miner is a new active pest in garlic and all alliums. Row cover or organic sprays are required in early spring, and later planting is encouraged so garlic does not emerge in the fall. Please research and protect your crop! ******

    • Saturday - Ithaca
      by the Docks (9-3 PM)
    • Sunday - Ithaca
      by the Docks (10-3 PM)
    • Wednesday - Trumansburg
      at Village Park (4-7 PM)
Yoga Classes and Farm Tours

2021! A year of building soil and re-imagining ourselves:

After a very long and challenging 2020, we are looking ahead to gathering with friends and family again, as well as hosting events on our new deck. This year we are growing fewer cash crops and more soil building green manures and cover crops like cow peas and clover. The soil is the soul of everything that happens and there is no better way to rejuvenate the land then to let it rest in a dense foliage of diverse mixes of grasses and legumes. Our vegetables will be available to purchase  locally with our highlights being kale, celery, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce mix, and basil! The CSA is also a place we are re-imagining what we can offer our community after a very hard year. Some ideas include an all-inclusive healing farm csa that comes with fresh veggies, medicinal herbs, yoga and nature awareness classes, as welll as  members to take part in mindful gardening, re-connecting with the soil that our food comes from. (Also nutritional information provided) Flower and energy work also may be an option for folks wanting to deepen there connection with themselves and the land on which their food comes from. Thank you all! 
Rosie's Garlic Power

Rosie's Garlic Power


A powerfully delicious addition to any dish, our garlic powder is made from our own rocambole and porcelain garlic varieties. We dehydrate the garlic fresh, hand blend it, and bottle each jar personally. Healthful and tasty, we happily present our most convenient way to add garlic goodness to your meals.

We're also proud to announce a unique twist on our original garlic powder, this one is blended beautifully with our own farm-grown and dried genovese and rosie basil. Carefully crafted, you can expect to enjoy the pungent aroma of basil in every bite. Rosie's Garlic Basil Power pairs well with any tomato dish and is perfect for pasta sauces.

Scape-A-Moli Garlic Scape Pesto

Scape-a-moli Season is Here!


Try a taste and we know you will love it. A deliciously unique pesto, our hardneck rocambole garlic scapes are blended harmoniously with locally grown & pressed sunflower oil - the flavor truly can't be beat. Because garlic scapes have a milder sweeter garlic flavor, scape-a-moli tastes good on nearly everything.

Garlic Bulbs for Eating and Garlic Seed for Planting

Our Best Garlic Varieties


Our large-cloved porcelain variety, Music, is best suited for roasting, baking, soups, stews, or other large dishes. Its large cloves are easy to peel, and the plants are winter-hardy, drought-resistant, and grow tall over weeds - making this an easy choice for reliable delicious garlic.

German Red's numerous medium-sized cloves are ideal for those who like an all around garlic, pungent and clear heat. Highly prized by Italian chefs.

Very hot and sweet, Spanish Roja is a novel favorite among garlic enthusiasts. This rocambole variety has intense flavor and intense heat, and is recommended for serious garlic lovers.