The Eat Vegetables LP

released November 20, 2016

Much love to Six Circles Farm, Chop City, Stylo Clique, Misguided Youth, all my family and friends and everyone out there just trying to be themselves, this is for you, we're all in this together.

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July Garlic On August Tomato Sandwiches

released December 5, 2015

Dedicated to Six Circles Farm for teaching a young boy how to grow food. Also dedicated to Stylo Clique Chop City Misguided Youth and everyone growing up in the city who dreams of more than concrete.

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JGOATS + The Eat Vegetables LP Bundle

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Jacksonic is a New York City native who has been volunteering at Six Circles Farm for the past 5 years now. His passion for hip hop has consistantly been reinvigorated as he learned about vegetable production, leading him to pioneer his own genre of farm-rap. He released his first vegetable album "july garlic on august tomato sandwiches" and followed it up with the 18 track pop album "the eat vegetables LP". After releasing the highly anticipated "love on the farm" he has been working hard on new projects with his next album set to be released this year.